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Katie is the other co-owner of Mane + Layne. She graduated from the University of Calgary with an Engineering Degree and thinking she had her entire future mapped and planned out. Long story, made really short for you, she left that engineering role and found herself dabbling in a series of jobs & professions- from a fitness studio to a large volume retail store- that ultimately landed her in the role she now finds herself in today, as a Project + Account Manager for a boutique web agency in Calgary. 


Katie has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and when the opportunity to support Jess in her dream while also getting the chance to “flex” some of those muscles, she of course had to say yes!


As I am sure you guessed, Katie does not do hair but if you have any business or accounting inquires, please reach out as she is our operations gal!


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Product or Marketing inquiries? Please reach out. 

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