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About the Salon

In 2015, the stars aligned and the universe brought our founders, Jess & Katie, together. At the time they were both working at a fitness studio in Calgary and the friendship, and their love for country music, was a natural fit.  Over the years, they have both been through all of the ups and downs life has to offer, but with each other by their sides. In 2020, Jess approached Katie with her idea & opportunity to open a different kind of salon in Airdrie and I guess you could say the rest is history. (well hopefully!) 


Mane & Layne was created with a dream in mind, this being to support stylists in the pursuit of their skill and talent. Many traditional salons take a percentage of their stylist's earnings, we get it- it’s business, but at Mane & Layne, we believe there should be another way. Mane & Layne is a chair rental salon, allowing our stylists to dictate their own hours and clientele, while providing a state of the art facility and luxury retail offerings.


Each of our stylists bring with them unique skills and priceless knowledge. Collectively we can all grow together, but each of us is successful, independently.

Application for Chair Rental.

We are looking to grow our team!

Mane + Layne is a chair rental salon, supporting stylist's individual businesses. In exchange, we are offering luxury products, a beautiful and friendly environment to work in and collaborative team to work alongside you. We are focused on helping you grow your business & clientele and creating an inviting space to all skills, backgrounds and ages!

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